Best Ramen in the U.S. Foo Foo Tei-#17 Nanchatte Tonkatsu Ramen

So you guys might not know but there is war out there. A war for what restaurant has the best ramen in the US. This is not some packaged noodles and you add water type of ramen. This is broth simmering for hours with multiple levels of flavors, noodles made from scratch and slow simmered meats so tender they melt in your mouth. A lot of restaurants are up there for debate and based on preference of tastes for which is te best one. Some argue Santouka, Shin Sen Gumi, Daikokuya and even Ippudo and Totto in New York, I have eaten at all these places. Not that it matters but I am full Japanese as well. But I would have to say in my opinion the best ramen based on taste, broth, noodles and value is #17 Nanchatte Tonkatsu ramen from Foo Foo Tei, hands down. Their broth is not a traditional broth it is creamy but very complex unlike any ramen you will ever experience. I know some people will say this is not a traditional ramen but when creativity and uniqueness come together to taste this good you can’t go wrong. The richness of the broth is unlike any other. Plus the Pork is delicious, tender and juicy and the noodles are also excellent. And as an added bonus they give you a hard boiled egg at no extra charge when most ramen places charge extra. I would definitely highly recommend to go and try with an open mind #17 Nanchatte Tonkatsu Ramen from Foo Foo Tei in Hacienda Heights with an open mind. Love Peace and Tonkatsu Ramen Grease!