85 Degrees Bakery

85 Degrees Bakery in Irvine.  85 Degrees is a Taiwanese Bakery with locations in Alhambra and Irvine but also worldwide in Taiwan, China and Australia.  They have multiple award winning pastry chefs creating different concoctions for your sweet tooth.  I am not a big sweets person but I would have to say 85 degrees is my favorite bakery with Portos coming a close 2nd.  85 Degrees is number one in my book because of their diverse selection.  They have all kinds of different baked goods ranging from pastries, bread, savory selections, cakes, tarts, and sandwiches as well as teas and coffees.  Everyday they carry different items so you can go there and try something new almost every time you go.  I love their different savory items as well including a really unique Garlic Squid ink roll made with real squid ink, Garlic roll with cheese and ham and cheese sticks. Some sweet favorites are the Rose Flavored Pastry, Mochi Egg Tart, Cheese Cake Bites, blueberry cream cheese and cream cheese brioche.  They are also well known for their sea salt drinks including their sea salt iced coffee which has been featured on Time and Oprah and sea salt green tea.  This is not a place to go if you are trying to cut carbs.  Until next time Love Peace and cheese tart grease.


Different selection of items






Sea Salt Green Tea



Sea Salt Coffee



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