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OC Night Market – Costa Mesa, CA

OC Night Market – Costa Mesa, CA. The OC Night Market took place May 9th-May 11th. The 626 Night Market brings itself to Orange County for the first time. The night market is the largest Asian themed night market in the United States. Bringing a very wide variety of different food, merchandise vendors and performances. They had food varying food from corn on the cob, stinky tofu, teriyaki beef sticks, noodles, ramen burgers, ramen, whole grilled squid, fishballs, waffles, takoyaki, burritos, smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, hot dogs, scallion pancakes, boba tea, sushi, kebabs, beef jerky, frozen custard, funnel cake and much much more. I only had one stomach so unfortunately I couldn’t try everything I wanted but I did stuff myself to the brim. They also had different vendors selling merchandise from art, clothing, cell phone accessories and even 3D printers. I picked up maybe too many items from the Stussy/Undefeated booth. They packed all my merchandise in a black trash bag so I looked like a trash man the rest of the night. OC Night market featured a cornucopia of different performances from singers, rappers, beat boxers, dancers and comedians. Congratulations to PAC Modern for winning the Horizon dance competition and the $1000.00 prize. OC Night Market also featured the worlds largest Boba tea in the world aptly named Bobasaurus Rex. If you like to try different types of Asian food and don’t mind lines the OC Night Market is for you. Check for upcoming events in SoCal at www.626nightmarket.com. Love, peace and Fish Roe Ball grease!




Bobasaurus Rex – The world’s largest cup of Boba tea.



Roasted corn in a cup


Mister Potato




Mister Potato – Garlic Butter



Teriyaki Beef stick


Fish Roe Balls and Kimchi



Smiling Rice Sausage Stick


Ramen Burger



Ramen Yokocho Festival – Arcadia, CA

Ramen Yokocho Festival – Arcadia, CA. Ramen Yokocho is the biggest ramen festival in the US and wasw held at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia on March 29th and 30th. It featured over 14 different ramen from Japan, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego and Las Vegas. Ramen Yokocho also featured the now famous ramen burger. The festival also featured the Tokyo City Cup celebrating Japan Family Day which had different performances including Japanese guitar, singers, sumo wrestling, lion dance, taiko drums and kendo sword fighting.  Now about the food, I wanted to try all the places from Japan of course, no need to eat at places from LA. I tried Mattou Seimen-Tokyo Ramen Show 3 year champion, TATSUNOYA-tonkotsu ramen ranked #1 in Kyushu, Tsujita Tokyo-#1 ramen ranking in Zagat, LA Weekly and LA Times and the ramen burger. The ramen burger was actually not a gimmick and was really pretty good. The ramen patty actually worked and didn’t totally fall apart and the sweet and savory sauce was very tasty.  Love, peace and ramen burger grease.







Tsujita Tokyo Ramen20140404-232208.jpg

Mattou Seimen – Toyama Black Mapo Ramen20140404-232216.jpg


TATSUNOYA – Tonkotsu Ramen20140404-232250.jpg


Ramen Burger20140404-232335.jpg




Taiko Drum performance20140404-232419.jpg


Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen-Costa Mesa, CA. Santouka is located inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace. It has been serving delicious ramen since opening it’s first 9 seat restaurant in 1988 in Hokkaido, Japan. Their restaurant opened serving only one dish their Shio (Salt) Ramen which became famous in Japan. They still serve this dish today Shio Ramen with Toroniku Char-Siu Pork. This is a must try. I also tried their Cold Ramen which was delicious on a hot summer day. It was very refreshing and great new flavor. Love, Peace and Toroniku Char-Siu Pork Grease!









The Playground-Santa Ana

The Playground-Santa Ana, CA. This is one of my favorite places to go to eat and drink. The Playground is Located in Downtown Santa Ana and serves tapas style New American food but can also be considered fusion as well. The owner Jason Quinn, who is pretty much working in the kitchen everyday and also occasionally serves dishes explaining ingredients and methods used to the diners. He also owns the Lime Truck which was the Food Truck featured on the national TV show The Great Food Truck Race which won the whole competition. Playground’s menu changes daily. When you think about that it’s pretty amazing, they don’t add some items and remove a few, they change the menu completely each day. The only downside is sometimes you come back craving a spectacular dish to realize it isn’t on the menu; Minus The Playground Burger which is their signature burger that is not listed on the menu but they serve everyday. They also have an extensive beer and wine list. They offer craft beers and beers hand selected for their menu of about 15 beers on draft which are listed on their wall behind the bar in chalk.  Which is chosen selectively by Jarred Dooley who is 1 out of 200 certified Cicerones (the food and beer pairing certification) in the world and has also passed his Court of Masters Sommeliers Level 1 exam. That’s an impressive beer and wine resume!

This time I went for brunch and wasn’t expecting the food to be that amazing considering it was brunch. Boy was I totally wrong. Every dish we ordered was very good and expertly crafted. I don’t mind if you drool over these pictures. Love, Peace and Wagyu Pastrami Grease!


Halibut Ceviche Sopes


Langanisa with spicy vinegar, achara, rice and fried eggs-nice comfort food



Ashleys Leftover Pancakes-they look very plain but they were actually really good and I am not a pancakes fan.


Wagyu Pastrami Eggs Benedict w/ Russian Slaw, 65 degree egg and Tyler’s English Muffin-This dish was amazing




Quest for Ramen Perfection-Handmade noodles in house




Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken with vinegar and Tyler’s Biscuits



Best Ramen in the U.S. Foo Foo Tei-#17 Nanchatte Tonkatsu Ramen

So you guys might not know but there is war out there. A war for what restaurant has the best ramen in the US. This is not some packaged noodles and you add water type of ramen. This is broth simmering for hours with multiple levels of flavors, noodles made from scratch and slow simmered meats so tender they melt in your mouth. A lot of restaurants are up there for debate and based on preference of tastes for which is te best one. Some argue Santouka, Shin Sen Gumi, Daikokuya and even Ippudo and Totto in New York, I have eaten at all these places. Not that it matters but I am full Japanese as well. But I would have to say in my opinion the best ramen based on taste, broth, noodles and value is #17 Nanchatte Tonkatsu ramen from Foo Foo Tei, hands down. Their broth is not a traditional broth it is creamy but very complex unlike any ramen you will ever experience. I know some people will say this is not a traditional ramen but when creativity and uniqueness come together to taste this good you can’t go wrong. The richness of the broth is unlike any other. Plus the Pork is delicious, tender and juicy and the noodles are also excellent. And as an added bonus they give you a hard boiled egg at no extra charge when most ramen places charge extra. I would definitely highly recommend to go and try with an open mind #17 Nanchatte Tonkatsu Ramen from Foo Foo Tei in Hacienda Heights with an open mind. Love Peace and Tonkatsu Ramen Grease!