OC Night Market – Costa Mesa, CA

OC Night Market – Costa Mesa, CA. The OC Night Market took place May 9th-May 11th. The 626 Night Market brings itself to Orange County for the first time. The night market is the largest Asian themed night market in the United States. Bringing a very wide variety of different food, merchandise vendors and performances. They had food varying food from corn on the cob, stinky tofu, teriyaki beef sticks, noodles, ramen burgers, ramen, whole grilled squid, fishballs, waffles, takoyaki, burritos, smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, hot dogs, scallion pancakes, boba tea, sushi, kebabs, beef jerky, frozen custard, funnel cake and much much more. I only had one stomach so unfortunately I couldn’t try everything I wanted but I did stuff myself to the brim. They also had different vendors selling merchandise from art, clothing, cell phone accessories and even 3D printers. I picked up maybe too many items from the Stussy/Undefeated booth. They packed all my merchandise in a black trash bag so I looked like a trash man the rest of the night. OC Night market featured a cornucopia of different performances from singers, rappers, beat boxers, dancers and comedians. Congratulations to PAC Modern for winning the Horizon dance competition and the $1000.00 prize. OC Night Market also featured the worlds largest Boba tea in the world aptly named Bobasaurus Rex. If you like to try different types of Asian food and don’t mind lines the OC Night Market is for you. Check for upcoming events in SoCal at www.626nightmarket.com. Love, peace and Fish Roe Ball grease!




Bobasaurus Rex – The world’s largest cup of Boba tea.



Roasted corn in a cup


Mister Potato




Mister Potato – Garlic Butter



Teriyaki Beef stick


Fish Roe Balls and Kimchi



Smiling Rice Sausage Stick


Ramen Burger



Hashigo – Costa Mesa, CA

Hashigo Korean Kitchen – Costa Mesa, CA.  Hashigo is located in an unassuming strip mall home to a few other good eateries, including the likes of Anjin (Japanese BBQ) and Oki Doki Cafe (Mixed Asian) among others.  Hashigo is a great place to grab a drink and meal with friends or catch the game after work with its 4 flat screens.   They also have many happy hour specials as well as specials when the Lakers play.  Hashigo would be best described as Korean Fusion restaurant and they carry a lot of Korean comfort dishes. They also have some amazing Korean fusion dishes that are not only creative but also delicious.  Two of the best examples of this are the Curry Stewy Cheese fries and Korrito. The Curry Stewy Cheese Fries are a mix of Korean curry, melted cheese, onions, scallions and french fries.  I am not the hugest curry fan but this dish actually works and is comparable to a great chili cheese fries dish.  The Korrito is pure amazingness, it takes Korean Fusion to the next level.  Everyone not living under a rock has witnessed the spur of Korean fusion food particularly started by Roy Choi’s Kogi trucks and continued by the multitude of restaurants, gastropubs, cafes and food trucks offering Korean fusion dishes usually Korean and Mexican (Latin American) fused so ingeniously in Korean tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc.  The Korrito is taken to a new level, not only is it a burrito mixed with your choice of Korean marinated meat such as Kalbi (marinated beef short rib) or Bulgogi (Grilled Marinated Beef), kimchi fried rice, cheese and cilantro but they serve it bathed in a steaming broth of hot Soon Doo Boo/Sundubu (hot tofu soup).  Burritos, Kalbi and Soon Doo Boo are 3 of my favorite dishes so its a win win win!  Did I mention that every meal also comes with complimentary with Banchan (small appetizers) which includes kimchi, sweet potato and pickled radishes.  They also carry Short Rib Tacos, Korean style Buffalo Wings, Bootcamp Ramen, Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice, Udon, Soba Noodles, Bi Bim Bap, Squid Legs, Garlic Edamame, a variety of Sushi Rolls and multiple Dinner Combos.  When a creative new dish tastes delicious that’s when things get exciting.  Cheers to the Korrito.  Love, peace and Korrito grease!


Banchan – Kimchi, pickled radish and sweet potato20140517-160701.jpg



Soon Doo Boo – Beef Tofu Soup20140517-160731.jpg


Curry Stewy Cheese Fries20140517-160752.jpg


The Korrito – Korean Burrito over Soon Doo Boo20140517-160813.jpg


Kalbi Nachos20140517-160840.jpg


Kalbi Box Combo with Mandoo (fried dumpling), green salad, macaroni salad and rice.20140517-160900.jpg


Bulgogi Box Combo



Nick’s On 2nd – Long Beach, CA

Nicks’s On 2nd – Long Beach, CA. We went to check out Nick’s On 2nd for a going away dinner for a friend that I have known since Jr. high that is moving to London (Wow I think we have known each other for 20 years). The friend that is going away ended up not showing up, womp womp. But we were still able to have a great dinner with all people in attendance. Nick’s serves classic American food and some dishes have a twist but everything is made very well. They are known for their fried deviled eggs which are ridiculously good. The breading on the egg is very light and not oily. They also have an awesome Prime Rib Dip Sandwich and Ribeye Melt Sandwich as well as Asparagus fries but everything we ordered was delicious. Can’t wait to come back and try some more things off their menu, a great place for classic American dishes done well. Love, peace and fried deviled egg grease!


Fried Deviled Eggs





Asparagus Fries




Ribeye Melt



San Francisco Cioppino




Braised Beef Short Ribs with mashed potatoes, fried onion straws and vegetables



Prime Rib Dip with Bacon Potato Salad




Warm Butter Cake