Sushi (highend)

*Ohshima-Orange, CA-Omakase

San Shi Go-Newport Beach, CA-Omakase

Ikko-Costa Mesa, CA-Omakase

Masa Sushi-Newport, CA-Omakase

One thought on “Sushi (highend)”

  1. My faves for dinner are Saltys, fresh safooed daily, another is Ivars Salmon House, also fresh safooed, and for non safooed id have to say Marrakesh Moroccan food, you are seated on cushions on the ground your hands are washed and you are fed a 5 course dinner, they also wash your hands after, lighting is dim but puts you at rest waiters kneel to talk to you and serve you, very hospitable, Friday and Saturday nights they have professional belly dancers dance for you. Also Saltys has a weekend brunch, try Akasaka if you are aroun Seatac during your stay otherwise i am not quite sure of a sushi joint! enjoy!!

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