Vietnamese Sandwich/Banh Mi

*Banh Mi Che Cali-Fountain Valley, CA-Banh mi w/ meatloaf and fried egg

*Sasha Deli-Westminster-Sasha Philly Cheese steak, Banh Mi Thit

Top Baguette-Westminster, CA

Tip Top-Westminster, CA

4 thoughts on “Vietnamese Sandwich/Banh Mi”

  1. The best Banh Mi is actually at Tan Hoang Huong, corner of Euclid and Edinger in Fountain Valley. The combination is very much like the Saigon versions I remember before 1975; even the baguette is similar to the ones in Saigon(which means they added rice flour so it stays crisp even without toasting). Their steamed rolled pork colrred red on the skin has a good amount of fat in it. I’m sure there aren’t many Vietnamese reviewers who are old enough to remember the original taste. They even have banh mi BI and ca Moi(sardines), which I’m not a fan of. Not bad but not original for some of the other places. Lee’s taste has to be the wosrt; their bread is chewy like a pretzel roll.

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